Application of hyperbaric oxygen in liver transplantation

In recent years, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been used in the treatment of a lot of diseases such as decompression sickness, arterial gas embolism, carbon dioxide poisoning, soft tissue infection, refractory osteomyelitis, and problematic wound, but little is known about its application in liver transplantation. Although several studies have been conducted to investigate the protective effects of HBO on liver transplantation and liver preservation, there are still some controversies on this issue, especially its immunomodulatory effect. In this short review, we briefly summarize the findings supporting the application of HBO during liver transplantation (including donors and recipients).

Categories: Surgery and transplant
Tags: hyperbaric oxygen, immunomodulation, liver ischemia/reperfusion, liver regeneration, liver transplantation, organ preservation, Oxidative stress, pre-conditioning