Histopathological evaluation of the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on capsule occurrence around silicone breast prosthesis: an experimental study

ABSTRACTBackground: In general, capsular contracture is the underlying cause of complications such as pain, stiff ening, breast asymmetry, and animation deformity that are seen in the late postoperative period due to the use of silicone breast prostheses. Considering the positive effects of HBO therapy on wound healing,the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of HBO therapy on capsule reaction occurring due to silicone implants.Material and Methods: Rats were divided into four groups. 1 cm 1 cm silicone implants with rough surface were inserted in subcutaneous plane on the m spinotrapezius muscle fascia at just right of the dorsal region midline in rats in Group 1, while implants with same properties were inserted beneath mspinotrapezius muscle in rats in Group 2.Implants with the same properties were inserted in the subcutaneous area on the m spinotrapezius muscle in rats in Group 3 and into the area under the muscle in rats in Group 4. Beginning from the first postoperative day, rats in Groups 3 and 4 received HBO therapy for 90 min under 2.5 ATM pressure asone session a day over 15 days.Results: The mean capsule thickness was statistically significantly lower in the groups treated with HBO compared to the control groups. Fibroblast, neutrophil and macrophage counts were statistically signifi cantly lower in the groups treated with HBO compared to the control groups.Conclusion: We believe that HBO therapy can be used as an adjuvant treatment options to decrease cap sule contraction occurring after silicone implant application

Categories: Dermaesthetics, Dermatology, Surgery and transplant