Hyperbaric oxygen and radiation therapy: a review

AbstractAbout 5% of cancer patients treated with radiotherapy will have severe late-onset toxicity. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used as a treatment for radiation injuries for decades, with many publications presenting data from small series or individual cases. Moreover, we know that the hypoxic areas of tumours are more resistant to radiation. HBOT increases the oxygen tension in tissues and, theoretically, it should enhance the efciency of radiotherapy. To better understand how HBOT works, we carried out this bibliographic review. We found Grade B and C evidence that at pressures exceeding 2 absolute atmospheres (ata), HBOT reduced late-onset radiation injuries to the head and neck, bone, prostate and bladder. It also appeared to prevent osteoradionecrosis after exodontia in irradiated areas. Finally, HBOT at 2 ata increased the efec tiveness of radiation in head and neck tumours and achieved promising results in the local control of high-grade gliom

Categories: Oncology