Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is the treatment of choice for end stage liver disease and is often used for primary liver malignancies.The main limitation of its wider application is the availability of suitable donor organs. The use of marginal donor organs,split-liver transplantation and living-related liver transplantation techniques contribute to increase the donor pool.However, the use of these techniques is associated with a higher risk of post transplantation organ dysfunction,predominantly due to ischaemia, preservation and reperfusion injury (IPRI). A number of studies have demonstrated thathyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy influences IPRI and consequential acute cellular rejection. This article reviews therationale of HBO therapy in the field of transplantation with particular emphasis on liver transplantation.

Categories: Surgery and transplant
Tags: acute rejection, hyperbaric oxygen, ischaemia reperfusion injury, liver failure, liver support