Purpose: Persisting symptomatology after breast-conserving surgery and radiation is frequently reported. Inmost cases, symptoms in the breast resolve without further treatment. In some instances, however, pain,erythema, and edema can persist for years and can impact the patient’s quality of life. Hyperbaric oxygentherapy was shown to be effective as treatment for late radiation sequelae. The objective of this study was toassess the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in symptomatic patients after breast cancer treatment.Patients and Methods: Forty-four patients with persisting symptomatology after breast-conservation therapywere prospectively observed. Thirty-two women received hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a multiplace chamber fora median of 25 sessions (range, 7–60). One hundred percent oxygen was delivered at 240 kPa for 90-min sessions,5 times per week. Twelve control patients received no further treatment. Changes throughout the irradiatedbreast tissue were scored prior to and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy using modified LENT-SOMA criteria.Results: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy patients showed a significant reduction of pain, edema, and erythema scoresas compared to untreated controls (p < 0.001). Fibrosis and telangiectasia, however, were not significantlyaffected by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Seven of 32 women were free of symptoms after hyperbaric oxygentherapy, whereas all 12 patients in the control group had persisting complaints.Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be considered as a treatment option for patients with persistingsymptomatology following breast-conserving therapy.

Categories: Oncology, Urology