Influence of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Blood Vessel Reactivity: Concept of Changes in Conducted Vasomotor Response

The actions of oxygen in the body are extremely complex, and are also involved in various signalling pathways.Hyperbaric oxygen is known to contribute to the improvement of conditions where tissue circulation is suboptimal, and

has considerable usage in different treatment protocols and experimental investigations. However, the precise mecha-nism by which hyperbaric oxygen changes the functioning of coordinated blood vessel systems and microcirculation is

still unknown. Taking into account the known facts, we suggest that hyperbaric oxygen induces changes in conducted va-somotor responses, and in that way influences vascular sensitivity and reactivity to vasodilators and vasoconstrictors.

Conducted vasomotor responses are constrictions and dilations that are propagated along the vessel, leading to changes

in vessel diameter on a certain distance of the initial site of vasoactive substance activity. Because these vascular re-sponses are of substantial significance in physiological processes, their modification would subsequently cause alter-ations of blood vessel function and tissue perfusion that could explain observed effects of hyperbaric oxygen. We also dis-cuss potential molecular targets of hyperbaric oxygen, investigation of which could presumably help in the eventual

clarification of hyperbaric oxygen action.

Categories: Cardiology