Methemoglobinemia treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy: A case report

Methemoglobinemia is a rare but clinically important condition that should be considered among dif ferential diagnosis’ in cyanosis. The conventional treatments of methemoglobinemia are high flow ox ygen and methylene blue therapies.We present a 52-year-old male patient who admitted to emergency room with severe cyanosis and dyspnea after he was exposed to paint thinner and zinc phosphate solution. The patient was diagnosed with methemoglobinemia with a MetHb level of 49.1mm/Hg in his arterial blood gas test. Patient’s symptoms and increased MetHb levels were resistant to high flow oxygen and methylene blue therapies so hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) as an alternative treatment was initiated and the patient was curedpromptly.In this case presentation, we aim to discuss the alternative treatment modalities in methemoglobi nemia patients with persistent hypoxia and cyanosis, who are unresponsive to standard methylene blue treatment.

Categories: Medical clinic, Toxicology