Neurocognitive sequelae after carbon monoxide poisoning and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Carbon monoxide (CO) has been the leading cause of poisoning mortality in many countries and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is a widely accepted treatment for CO poisoning. However, some patients with CO poisoning will still develop neurocognitive sequelae regardless of HBO therapy, which can persist since CO poisoning or be present days to weeks after a recovery from CO poisoning. HBO has been used in the prevention and treatment of neurocognitive sequelae after CO poisoning, and some mechanisms are also proposed for the potential neuroprotective effects of HBO on the neurocognitive impairment after CO poisoning, but there is still controversy on the effectiveness of HBO on neurocognitive sequelae after CO poisoning. In this paper, we briefly introduce the neurocognitive sequelae after CO poisoning, summarize the potential predictive factors of neurocognitive sequelae, and discuss the use of HBO in the treatment and prevention of neu rocognitive sequelae after CO poisoning

Categories: Medical clinic, Toxicology