The effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy combined with Hair transplantation surgery for the treatment of alopecia

AbstractBackground: Transplanted hair follicles suffer from various injury, which are difficult to prevent. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was reported to be an excellent procedure to promote capillary regeneration and reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury.AIM: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of HBOT as an adjuvant therapy for hair transplantation surgery.Methods: 34 patients with II-IV alopecia were divided into the control group and HBOT group randomly. The control group were treated with routine FUE procedure, while HBOT group combined with HBOT. Patients were treated with 100% oxygen under 2.0 atmospheres absolute pressure for 60 minutes through a facemask during HBOT and take the therapy daily for 7 days continuously after operation. Satisfaction and clinical improvement were evaluated at the fourth week and the sixth month postoperatively.RESULT: Itching and folliculitis was significantly decreased in HBOT group (11.8% versus 35.3%). In addition, HBOT resulted in a lower postoperative shedding rate (27.6±2.6%versus 69.1±2.4%), nevertheless, the survival rate at 9 months showed no significant difference between HBOT (96.9±0.5%) and control (93.8±0.6%). The early postoperative satisfaction in control group was much lower than HBOT group (52.9% versus 88.2%), whereas aAccepted Articlell patients showed satisfaction with the final result

Categories: Dermaesthetics, Dermatology