Transcutaneous Oxygen Measurements Under Hyperbaric Oxygen Conditions as a Predictor for Healing of Problem Wounds

Controversy exists as to what transcutaneous oxygen (PICO.) levels are required for wound healing and what role hyperbaric oxygen has for this. Current information sug gests that 30 to 40 mmHg juxta-wound oxygen tensions in room air are required. We recorded P,cO. measure ments in room air and with hyperbaric oxygen in 190 patients with foot wounds; then looked retrospectively and prospectively whether there was any effect on heal ing. Transcutaneous oxygen measurements under hyper baric oxygen conditions defined a responder group (P,CO. > 200 mmHg) with a sensitivity of 0.80 and a positive pre dictive value of 0.88 for healing, regardless of room air measurements when hyperbaric oxygen was used as an adjunct to wound management. This information helps to objectify the indications for hyperbaric oxygen and pre dict healing especially in those patients with problem wounds of the foot and ankle

Categories: Dermatology, Infectology, Medical clinic, Traumatology