Anti-inflammatory effects of hyperbaric oxygen on irradiated laryngeal tissues

AbstractIntroduction: To manage the complications of irradiation of head and neck tissue is a challengingissue for the otolaryngologist. Definitive treatment of these complications is still controversial.Recently, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is promising option for these complications.Objective: In this study, we used biochemical and histopathological methods to investigate theefficacy of hyperbaric oxygen against the inflammatory effects of radiotherapy in blood andlaryngeal tissues when radiotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen are administered on the same day.Methods: Thirty-two Wistar Albino rats were divided into four groups. The control group wasgiven no treatment, the hyperbaric oxygen group was given only hyperbaric oxygen therapy, theradiotherapy group was given only radiotherapy, and the radiotherapy plus hyperbaric oxygengroup was given both treatments on the same day.Results: Histopathological and biochemical evaluations of specimens were performed. Serumtumor necrosis factor- , interleukin-1 , and tissue inflammation levels were significantly higherin the radiotherapy group than in the radiotherapy plus hyperbaric oxygen group, whereasinterleukin-10 was higher in the radiotherapy plus hyperbaric oxygen group.

Categories: Oncology, Rehabilitation