Successful hyperbaric oxygen therapy for laryngeal radionecrosis after chemoradiotherapy for mesopharyngeal cancer: case report and literature review

Abstract Laryngeal radionecrosis is one of the mosttroublesome late complications of radiotherapy, because it isfrequently resistant to treatment and laryngectomy is requiredin the worst case. Here, we report a case of laryngeal radio necrosis, successfully treated by use of hyperbaric oxygen(HBO) therapy, in which laryngectomy was avoided. A67-year-old male received radical chemoradiotherapy (CRT)for mesopharyngeal cancer, which included radiotherapywith a total dose of 71.4 Gy/38 Fr and chemotherapywith CDDP ? S-1. He developed dyspnea and throat pain9 months after completion of CRT. Laryngoscopy revealedvocal cord impairment because of severe laryngeal edema. Hewas diagnosed as having laryngeal radionecrosis and initiallyreceived conservative therapy combined with antibiotics,steroids, and prostaglandins. Because his dyspnea was per sistent despite this treatment, HBO therapy was administered20 times, and resulted in complete remission of the dyspnea.HBO therapy, therefore, is regarded as an effective conser vative therapeutic option for laryngeal radionecrosis

Categories: Oncology, Rehabilitation