Role of Hyperbaric Medicine for Osteoradionecrosis and Post Irradiation Wounds: an Institutional Experience

AbstractTo study the effectiveness of hyperbaric medicine in osteoradionecrosis and irradiation induced wounds. To evolve a protocol formanagement with combined surgical modality for irradiation induced injury. This study was carried out in the Plastic SurgeryDepartment, from November 2011 to December 2018. A total of 30 patients with post irradiation patients subjected to hyperbaricoxygen therapy during the management were enrolled in the study. The results regarding the changes in wound and complica tions were noted. Out of 30 patients, 20 patients were with radiation injury involving the oral cavity, one patient with left lowerlimb, one with breast, 3 with radiation injury of cheek, 3 of mandible, one with radiation cystitis and one involving the toothsocket. One patient experienced reversible myopia as a complication of hyperbaric therapy. No other complications were noted.Hyperbaric therapy is a useful adjunct for surgery in management of osteoradionecrosis and post irradiation wound and provestherapeutic in some post irradiated wound where we cannot offer surgical correction

Categories: Dermatology, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Surgery and transplant