The Successful Treatment of Calciphylaxis with Sodium Thiosulfate and Hyperbaric Oxygen in a Non-dialyzed Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease

We present the case of a non-dialyzed patient with chronic kidney disease and biopsy-proven calciphylaxis who presented with painful cutaneous ulcers on both legs. The skin ulcers drastically improved within 6 months after the initiation of hemodialysis, aggressive wound care, the control of a mineral and bone disor der, and the administration of sodium thiosulfate and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Notably, the patient’s serum levels of C-reactive protein and calciprotein particles decreased and her serum albumin and fetuin-A levels increased in parallel with the alleviation of her calciphylaxis. This case highlights the importance of applying combined medical treatment to calciphylaxis and suggests the possible involvement of calciprotein particles in the pathogenesis of calciphylaxis.

Categories: Dermatology, Medical clinic, Wounds